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The Radio Station site is one of the most significant redevelopment opportunities anywhere in the UK today.

Rugby Radio Station Limited Partnership (RRSLP) has put together a comprehensive and exciting set of proposals to achieve a productive re-use of the site.

The potential for the site and its ability to deliver a Sustainable Urban Extension (SUE) to Rugby has been recognised. The site is identified as a strategic solution to meet Rugby's growth needs in its adopted Core Strategy.

Our proposals have been developed by combining a thorough technical understanding of the site and its potential with detailed consultation input. The proposals are directly informed by more than 10 years of close discussion with local, regional and national representatives and stakeholders. We have listened to views and opinion throughout the planning process and the scheme is the stronger for it.

In August 2013, we submitted a set of Additional Information.

This Additional Information clarifies and supplements the material contained in the previously submitted Outline Planning Application (OPA), submitted in February 2011. To see the Additional Information Guide, click here.

In due course, the OPA is expected to be presented to members of Rugby Borough Council's Planning Committee for determination.

The redevelopment of
the Radio Station site
could deliver:
Our vision is to create a place people can be proud of and where they will want to live, work and stay. We are serious about sustainability in planning, construction and performance of the development.